Huge fuzzy bed… Is this for humans or dogs?

Enormous dog bed. It seems pretty cozy. I even tried to lay in one when I first saw it, but the spherical form made it difficult to feel comfortable.

This concept was popular since two university students from Vancouver, Canada created a special dog bed for people.

With the design finalized, Noah Silverman and Yuki Kinoshita established the new business Plufl, which offers enormous dog beds for humans.

On Kickstarter, they were able to generate close to $300,000 even though each bed was $399 for the initial backers.

The 20-pound beds, which weigh 20 pounds, are wrapped in faux fur and built of 4-inch-thick orthopedic memory foam, according to the Plufl website. They are a good fit for many people because they are a little over 5.5 feet long and 3 feet wide.

The Plufl’s designers said on their website that it is “intended to ease tension and anxiety by creating a location where you may rest, recharge, and regenerate.”

Over 9.5 million people saw one of their adverts on TikTok!

Thousands of individuals expressed their desire for the same in the comments.

The New York Post reports that Kinoshita and Silverman claim their Great Dane friend Lady is responsible for the idea for the beds.

Lady frequents their favorite coffee shop, which is why they started to consider how giant dog beds would be able to be converted into beds for people.

There is a waiting for beds at Plufl right now, but you may add your name to the list to be notified when the beds become available again!

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