For the first time a daughter who had been born deaf hears her mom… Video attached!

A newborn hears her mother’s voice for the first time, smiles, freaks out, is surprised, and then becomes very upset. It’s remarkable to see the variety of emotions that are briefly mirrored on her face. More vivid examples of human emotions are not possible.

While being cuddled by her mother Christy, two-month-old Charlotte (Charly) Keane smiles and seems to be fighting back the tears.

After receiving hearing aids and hearing her mother say “hi” and “I love you,” the newborn responds with sheer joy.

“Charly listens for the first time and hears me say ‘I love you,’ for the first time,” Christy posted on Instagram.

She is as emotional and holding back cries of joy as her mother is.

“When Char received her hearing aides today, we experienced the miracle I had been hoping for.

“This was more fantastic than I can express because we didn’t think she would hear anything.

Her path to implants and language improvement has begun in an excellent way!

Daniel, Christy’s partner, captured the amazing moment.

Charlotte smiles and seems to fight back the tears as she starts to talk.

I’ve never seen that face before, says Christy.

“Are you feeling upset? I’m going to cry because of you. Will you experience emotions like your mother?

She comments, “You’re very sweet,” as the kid smiles. I cherish you.

August saw the deaf birth of Charlotte.

When she is old enough, her parents want to have her implanted with cochlear implantation and have her work with a speech therapist.

Here is the video:

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