The weekly food budget for this family is only $900. The family’s mom, who occasionally views herself as a nanny, sees kids as a gift from God…

This woman is the first in history to illuminate the world in two quartets naturally. Their father is a paramedic at work. He is overjoyed. The twins were born after the foursomes.

“We are pleased to be P again,” said Ms. Chalk, 34. When you learn that you are P, always be happy. You simply have an inner sense that lets you know when you are finished and when you are not.

Shelby, Chalk’s oldest child, is now 6 years old. The first foursome, Emma, Ellie, Samuel, and Joseph, were born in August 2004 at 13 weeks gestation. They’ll start school the following year.

The second group of babies, consisting of Sarah, Alice, Matthew, and Milly, was delivered in October 2005. Tiger-Lilly, the family’s youngest child, was born in 2007.

The family’s mother claimed she was frequently confused with the babysitter. But he said that because they had so many kids, he was really pleased.

The woman spent about $900 per week on food and did washing seven times each day. He’s not grumbling, though. His children are a gift to him.

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