The couple’s objective is to create the largest family possible, and they won’t give up until they do it…

Many families around the world have many kids, and they are incredibly happy and do not want to stop having children because they believe that children are a gift from God and that they are miniature angels. A striking example of all of this is this young family. They believe they are quite content.

The 23-year-old woman, who already has 11 children, claims that she does not want to stop having children and that she would like to have 100 more.

Christina is a Russian woman in her 23s. Galip, 56, and she are his wife and hers. Due mostly to the enormous number of kids and his desire to have 100 children, his family history has become very popular on social media. The couple’s primary objective is to create the largest family possible.

They added that they don’t mind spending around $2 million to get the kids they want, as each child costs between $8,000 and $10,000. The real question, though, is how you intend to have 100 children.

Although it is obvious that no woman can have 100 children, it is nevertheless a lofty goal for a marriage. My eleventh kid, Olivia, was born late last month, bringing my total to eleven. My own oldest daughter, Vika, was born six years ago. The family currently resides in the city of Batum.

Georgia highlighted that having so many children is extremely irresponsible because of Christina’s comments. Let’s not forget that it is tied to both the global health situation and the world’s economic position.

Others argued that they should be allowed to keep them if they had the financial means to do so. “I have no idea how many kids we will have, but we absolutely have no intention of stopping. We are not yet prepared to discuss the precise figure. Everything has its time, said Christina.

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