A Slavic beauty and a royal from Ghana got married thirty years ago. Here is how their kids look!

Everyone is aware that love knows no boundaries and is unaffected by one’s age, wealth, or status. As a result, we frequently hear about couples that represent several cultures. The protagonists of our story have recently discovered their true love.

In 1992, Oksana and Ken first crossed paths as college students. A young stranger then caught sight of a stunning brunette and realized he couldn’t live without her. After some time, Oksana accepted Ken’s marriage proposal.

The couple soon after their nuptials relocated to Ghana, Ken’s country of origin.

I must admit that Ken is not just a foreigner but also a legitimate prince of Ghana; nevertheless, because he married a foreigner and a person with white complexion, he lost his title. Young people did not, however, begin to live in Ghana.

After that, they relocated and resided in London. The two sons of the marriage. Oksana now regularly updates her blog, where she discusses what it’s like to grow up in a mixed-race family.

The oldest son, who has completed high school and is successfully pursuing a degree at the university, is the oldest of the sons and is already very elderly.

The youngest will soon complete their education and decide on their future careers.

The family appears to be quite content and harmonious.

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