Great Danes are so silly they’ll do everything for some Costco chicken… Watch the funny video here!

There can never be a dull moment if you have pets at home. Pets that people own include cats, dogs, bunnies, and horses, among others. Spending some time with your pet after a long day at work might make you feel completely rejuvenated.

Anyone’s heart can be warmed by the way the animals look at you and by their innocent behaviors. Two Great Danes have attracted the interest of online followers. The two could not contain their excitement as their father roasted the Costco Chicken and allowed them to sample some of the delicacies.

Maddie, one of the Great Danes, lay his head on the kitchen table and waited for his father to remove the Costco chicken from the oven and place it on the carving board. Ellie, the other Great Dane, was impatiently waiting on the opposite side of the table.

When their dad grilled Costco Chicken, both dogs went wild. To obtain a slice of the roasted chicken, the two dogs behaved admirably. But when their father removed the chicken from the microwave plate, Maddie attempted to put her nose as close to the food as possible.

However, their father intervened to stop her. In eager anticipation of a bite of the chicken, Maddie licked her lips. As an alternative, their father removed a few pieces of chicken and put them on the plate. Innocent Maddie believed that she was the recipient of the tiny fragments.

With a fork in hand, their owner swiftly grabbed a slice and held it out for Maddie. She gave the mouthwatering chicken three chews before gulping it down. Then, their father took another item and held it in front of Ellie. Maddie, who was waiting for another part, circled the table and sat close to Ellie.

Their benevolent owner didn’t depress Maddie. Instead, he offered her another piece, which she gladly accepted. Ellie, who was waiting patiently nearby, saw him hold out a second piece as well. Sadly, despite the two dogs’ anxious gazes on their owner, they were unable to receive a further piece.

Watch the video here:

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