Keith Urban, a very well-known singer, granted a young woman’s final desire with a heartfelt serenade…

Marissa English, a 25-year-old lady, experienced a ton of happiness in her life before she passed away. When she was born, she truly had a number of health problems, including

Her brain had cysts and water in it. She was a tremendous fan of the well-known singer and artist Keith Urban despite having many diagnoses.

She’d always wanted to see her favorite Keith Urban perform live in concert.

Without a doubt, her yearning was so strong and pure that she gathered her final group of pals to obtain the tickets to his performance.

Marissa bought it even though she wasn’t sure she could go. She was so excited that she would be able to attend Toledo, Ohio’s live performance of her favorite performer.

Her health quickly declined, though, and she was unable to go to the concert. Realizing that this would be the final time she would see her icon made the poor child feel dreadful and shattered her heart.

The singer’s nurses were soon unable to remain impartial after witnessing Marissa in that situation and filed a letter with a request.

Urban changed all of his booked plans so he could see Marissa. While she was at Mercy Kids’ Hospital, the youngster experienced a sensation when Urban entered her room and greeted her.

She proclaimed it to be the finest day of her life! The singer referred to her as his “favorite fan” while singing the song “Blue Ain’t Your Variety” to her that day.

It was a day that Metropolitan and Marissa would always remember as amazing!

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