Despite predictions that their relationship wouldn’t survive, they just marked their 81st wedding anniversary…

We occasionally yearn to hear our loved ones tell us, “I love you, forever,” and “I love you to the moon and back.”

The charming words keep coming back to this pair. Ron and Joyce have been married for 81 years and have a lovely life together.

They anticipate being England’s oldest married couple when they are 102 and 100 years old.

They proved that their marriage would not endure very long, notwithstanding a joke made by one of their friends.

They acknowledge that they never expected to have their 81-year marriage celebrated. In 1941, Mr. Security made a marriage proposal to his fiancée.

The key to their successful partnerships is something they both know. They don’t have a boss, and they always “give and take,” as they say.

Additionally, they have always watched out for one another. They enjoy their ability to care for one another. Their kids, Eileen and Bill, are also very important to them.

On their oak anniversary the previous year, even the Queen penned a letter. Their daughter describes her parents as having very inspiring spouses.

They not only motivated her and her brother, but also all of their grandkids, she said with pride.

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