The jurors turned the chairs after hearing her for the first time and noticed that a new star had emerged…

There is a song that is certain to capture everyone’s heart when a new singing talent wants to give it their best. The quiet, calming music of “Hallelujah” calms our heads as the lyrics appeal to our spirits. Only a real angel falling from heaven singing it in front of us could make it even better.

When a very brilliant young woman going by the name of Mennel performed this well-known song on La Voz France, that’s exactly what seemed to happen. It’s difficult to avoid becoming enthralled by everything you learn and observe about Mennel. In fact, after listening to the young woman sing, one of the judges was so enthralled by her gentle, angelic tones that he eagerly pressed the red button.

When the judge noticed the wholesome, adorable face behind her, He could tell this young lady had been sent from heaven by her voice. She’s anxious to hear Mennel’s unexpected take on this timeless Leonard Cohen song, though.

Her singing style will undoubtedly win your heart. The stunning young lady chose to display her inherent beauty rather than make herself look like a pop superstar. Her hair was wrapped in a scarf, which only served to highlight her stunning blue eyes. You can unwind in the scrumptious sound bath that fills the room thanks to the girl’s understated aesthetic and beautiful voice.

Watch the video here:

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