This woman fulfilled her childhood desire by losing 100 kg and becoming a real Barbie…

Meet Kayla Lavender, a young woman with a strong will who overcame the stigma associated with her.

Sometimes even the smallest facts can serve as a person’s source of motivation.

In Kayla’s instance, her favorite Barbie from childhood served as inspiration.

Even as an adult, the girl couldn’t let go of her deepest affection for her wonderful dolls.

Kayla, meantime, was overweight, which bothered her much, and she frequently daydreamed about losing weight.

She made a life-changing decision one day because of her love for Barbie.

She reluctantly wanted to modify her physical shape so she could enjoy her future life when she woke up one lovely morning.

She thus accomplished something crucial in her entire life thanks to her strong determination and, of course, her beloved idol.

She acknowledged that at initially, it was difficult for her, but she persisted in maintaining her lifestyle and motivation.

She devoted years of her life to achieving her dream!

She now adores dressing up as her favorite Barbies and is quite proud of herself.

At age 36, she was able to shed 90 kg after making dietary and lifestyle changes. Initially, she weighed 155 kg.

Never wait until it’s too late to start making changes if you need to, as she suggests!

She acknowledges that she feels younger and beautiful than before and that she is now totally enjoying her life.

She feels that the urge to improve her life has also changed her soul, making her more self-assured and upbeat.

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