This woman married the same man 24 times! Check out the reason behind it…

One of the clinics has a nurse there named Leah Trageser. She recently accepted marital-related congrats. George Humphrey and the girl got married.

The nurse married the man 24 times in succession, so not everything is as straightforward as it would seem at first.

She wants to knot 26 more times, but she is not going to stop.

A unique family tradition is getting married every year. It began when the pair had to declare their commitment to one another in front of family members.

Then, young couples got married behind their loved ones’ backs. It was necessary to arrange a second ceremony for this reason.

Two signed pieces of paperwork from separate state’s relevant agencies were given to the couple.

Then, young people began to consider why they shouldn’t be married every year in various locations. Soon after saying it, Leah and George started carrying out their plan.

“Even though we are constantly newlyweds, we do not treat marriage with wind and frivolity. As a result of our yearly oaths to one another, our connections grow stronger. This is a wonderful chance to reconsider your priorities and rediscover your love for your partner, the woman explains.

Themed wedding celebrations with a large guest list accompany traditional wedding ceremonies.

With this strategy, it is feasible to unwind among close friends and pick up fresh perspectives.

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