This woman started singing and told the jury that she was a doll, not a real person. It didn’t take long for Simon to respond to that…

You probably haven’t ever seen anyone or anything like Sada Vidoo. He informs the camera, “Right now, I’m not working since I’m a doll. “Every day, I dress like a doll. And I have many elements, different clothes, and styles.

Without a doubt, Sada is someone who places a lot of importance on her beauty. Her outfit is stunning, from her short blonde hair and doll-like lipstick to her jerky motions and vintage skirt.

But the judges are confused about how to interpret it. Simon tries to convince her that “Sada, you’re not a doll,” but she maintains her stance. But the atmosphere in Salamanca immediately changes as soon as she opens her mouth to sing.

It’s clear that the rendition she sings is different from Pat Benatar’s original and filled with adorable doll eccentricities, but it’s still a unique song and unquestionably unforgettable.

The moment they heard his voice, the judges stared at one another, and their mouths dropped open. Even after her performance is over, there is an unnecessarily long wait because the judges cannot speak.

When it comes to voting for Sada, in the very end, all four judges reach the same conclusion. Simon starts off with reviews, and they are pretty mixed.

Watch the video below!

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