You can’t rely on social media, as the Japanese girl with the physique of an elderly man demonstrated…

There are several hobbies available today for all types of people. Others are perplexed, while others do not raise any questions.

For instance, a Japanese man who has reached the age of 50 enjoys a peculiar pastime in which he manages a social media website for a young girl.

He uploads photographs that have already been edited in FaceApp, a photo editing program.

The Japanese man does not at all resemble a lady in real life. It is also challenging to infer from the photo that he is a male and of a reasonable age.

The man describes himself as a creative individual who enjoys reincarnations.

He snaps a selfie and then transforms himself into a young woman with a lovely face using FaceApp. Then he posts images to a personal page on a social networking site.

The man is well-liked because he amassed more than 13,000 followers in a short period of time. He has no intention of concealing his gender from his followers.

“I am a man who has reached the age of 50. I do my work at home. However, I enjoy a hobby. I take selfies and modify them with FaceApp,” the Japanese claims.

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