This teacher had a unique way of motivating her students… Here it is!

A teacher in one of the Sudanese provinces made the decision to stimulate her students by giving them a gift.

The teacher announced that she would be giving one of their pupils a pair of shoes, but she was unsure to whom to give them.

In order to accidentally select the winner, she requested that the names be written down and placed in a box.

The kids were overjoyed, and they all delivered their instructor their papers. She quickly removed the piece of paper bearing the name Wafaa Abdelkarim after having filled the box.

The entire class cheered in support of their classmate wearing new shoes.

She came from an impoverished household, and hers were worn out. She was, nonetheless, a standout pupil in her school.

When the teacher got home, she informed her husband about the incident. He thanked her for doing such a kind thing but couldn’t understand why his wife was so excited.

The teacher soon said that everyone had written down the same name because they were all aware of how much she needed the shoes.

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