Two sisters got a tattoo of their father’s final words, which were…

Two sisters named Anna and Abriel find themselves in a scenario in 2021 that not even your worst opponent would want to be in. The daughter’s father passed away.

For a very long time, Rudolf struggled for his life, but he was ultimately unsuccessful. The man finally wrote a note to his daughters.

On the nightstand next to his bed was the piece of paper with the final sentence.

It’s been such a wonderful life.

The girls opted to get this tattooed on their flesh after hearing their dad’s message.

It’s challenging to think of anything more significant than these words. We are really sorry that he lived so briefly because we knew he enjoyed life, says one of the sisters.

Without his grin, his humor, and the love he reflected onto other people, life is so void.

The phrase was transferred by Abriel precisely as her father had written it. Anna made the decision to go a new route.

She requested a tattoo in a typewriter-generated font rather than in her father’s handwriting.

This is the finest reminder to help me remember that a person’s life is the most valuable possession they can have.

He was happy and appreciative of each new day, the girls recall.

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