Grandfather holds a funny conversation with his adorable infant grandchild… Video attached!

Grandfathers adore their little ones, and one grandfather spoke only in baby talk with his granddaughter. Only the two of them could understand the debate.

They appeared to be in the grandfather’s office.

He was sitting on his comfortable chair, his gaze fixed on his granddaughter. She was standing up and donning lovely clothing.

There was a lot of back and forth between them as they spoke nonsense. The infant girl was continually moving her hands and arms, and her grandfather did the same.

Speaking the baby’s language also appeared to need a lot of waving. However, it might have been something his grandchild said because Grandpa was grinning and laughing a lot.

They both had recognition in their eyes. Despite speaking incomprehensibly, it was obvious that they were making their points. The infant girl had an interesting tale to share.

The granddaughter appeared to spin a lovely tale with a variety of facial expressions and feelings. She alternated between grinning and acting annoyed, at one point even starting to smack the ground.

Grandpa then began pointing to something on the wall, as did his granddaughter. The fact that her grandfather could comprehend her didn’t surprise her. They most likely spoke to one another frequently.

Here is the video:

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