Discover the Charming Secrets of a Tiny House Built on the Family Farm: Click Here to See Inside!

Chelsea has crafted the most adorable tiny home on her family’s farm in Oregon, and it exemplifies the essence of minimalist living. Drawn to the allure of the gypsy lifestyle and a fondness for small spaces, she wholeheartedly embraced the tiny home movement.

Named the Irish Gypsy, her whimsical abode, skillfully designed by Vintage Cottages, beautifully reflects her passion for travel and her strong bond with her family. When she’s not traveling the world, Chelsea finds solace in her cozy haven, surrounded by her loved ones who also live nearby, fostering a tight-knit community.

For six years, she cherished the sense of belonging amidst her family but couldn’t resist the call of the open road. Eventually, after two and a half years of residing in her tiny sanctuary, Chelsea decided to return to her nomadic lifestyle.

During her absence, the Irish Gypsy serves as a rental, generating income to fund her travels. A smart decision, indeed, as it helps her pay off the house’s cost within a reasonable timeframe of four and a half years.

The exterior of the Irish Gypsy is as enchanting as its interior, with cedar construction that stands tall and inviting. The two feet height extension allows Chelsea to sit up in the loft, while the nine and a half feet width extension ensures ample space without compromising mobility.

Inside, the tiny home boasts a warm and well-lit interior, thanks to high ceilings and wide layout. The kitchen, though compact, is efficiently equipped, and a cleverly designed closet adds much-needed storage space.

The loft, a cozy spot accessible from the stairs, features a queen-sized bed and picturesque windows offering breathtaking views. The living area is a testament to Chelsea’s creativity, as she cleverly repurposed pallets into comfy couches and designed a space-saving foldable table. The Irish Gypsy provides Chelsea with the freedom she craves, enabling her to explore the world while maintaining strong ties with her family. To get a glimpse of her beautiful home, you can watch the video below and might just find yourself dreaming of going tiny too!

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