A brave 45-year-old woman wears “bees” instead of regular clothes… Here is why!

Get ready to be completely amazed. With her images, 45-year-old Sarah Mapelli Tink “went viral” on the Internet.

She has already earned the moniker “lady” or “queen” of bees from users. Her body is coated in 12,000 insects rather than clothing.

What is she doing, and why?

Naturally, it has a rather unsettling appearance. Sarah thinks bees have healing and life-extending properties.

Such an odd pastime she had in 2001. She asserts that she can control a unique energy that is created by the bees and use it to her benefit. Bees aid Sarah in her relaxation and meditation.

Of course, she gets stung by insects, but as you well know, Sarah is not at all alarmed by this. Many people have strong reactions to such a strange hobby.

Sarah decided to make a real show out of her regular meditations. She does a dance in front of the audience before each performance, dousing herself in an oil that draws insects.

Everything takes place to a mellow song with fluid gestures. Sarah claims that when dancing, she meditates.

The woman is certain that all spectators receive this unique energy. Sarah claims that everyone leaves there in a positive and cheerful feeling as a result.

Fans of Sarah can be found everywhere. The Dance with the Bees are eagerly anticipated by thousands of people.

Sarah’s body is covered in bees so tightly that it is impossible to tell that she is not even wearing a thin shirt. Many people treat this with great interest since they consider it to be a genuine work of art.

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