The reason behind Michael Jackson’s well-known gravity-defying lean is now clear…

The music video for Michael Jackson’s song “Smooth Criminal” was released in the 88th year of the previous century. Fans of the artist were more astonished by the star’s dance movements than by the song itself.

He made the decision to defy gravity at one point and leaned forward by up to 45 degrees without bending or even shaking. After the initial shock subsided, many believed that Jackson was restrained by cables.

But Michael made the decision to increase interest in himself and astound his admirers even more. At one of his shows, he performed his trick live. Additionally, no cables were visible around the star. But how did the average person do it?

Later, the tilt’s enigma was made clear. It came out that the trick was accomplished using a unique invention that Michael himself, together with two other inventive individuals, had developed. With the help of special shoes, the performer was secured to the ground.

The only thing that made the stunt shoes stand out was a relatively thick heel, even though Michael Jackson was always known for his appreciation of unique shoes. But there was a mystery about those particular shoes.

On the sole side of their heels, they possessed triangle depressions. In order for the vocalist to bend over and demonstrate the glories of antigravity, special hooks had to be taken out of the stage at at the correct time.

By the way, Michael and his co-inventors received a patent for their original shoes in 1993.

Up until 1996, Jackson astonished his followers with the stunt. Michael played in the Russian capital during his trip that year.

But something went awry just as he was about to repeat the trick. The peg snapped because the lock wasn’t strong enough. Jackson then dropped, fortunately sustaining just minor injuries.

After the concert, the fixation and the shattered shoes proceeded to the Moscow Hard Rock Cafe, where they stayed up until his passing. Then, at one of the auctions, they were sold for a stunning $600,000 under the hammer.

Here is the video:

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