This couple claims that they were born in the wrong century… Here is why…

A family from America made the decision to “relocate” to the Victorian era. They left the 21st century’s advantages of civilization behind, taking nothing but a computer.

Currently, Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman dress in Victorian-era attire and reside in a historic mansion constructed in 1888.

They loved this time period so much that it permeated not just their reading of books but also their daily activities.

The couple eventually filled their 1888-built home in Port Townsend with old furniture.

They made a conscious decision to drastically alter their way of life, copying those who lived at the end of the 19th century and sought to avoid using contemporary technology as much as they could.

The couple decided to entirely revamp their wardrobe by purchasing outfits from that era. The alterations also had an impact on their clothing. Sarah started making her own clothes and serving as Gabriel’s seamstress.

The pair discovered a lot of fascinating things about Victorian-era clothing by buying another historical item. They became more conscious of their surroundings because of their clothing.

A landline phone, the internet, and a computer are examples of contemporary home appliances that are only used when necessary.

Instead, the home is equipped with vintage utilities like a kerosene heater, a freezer, and a wood-burning stove. Electric light bulbs are not used by the Chrisman family either.

For a couple who spend much of their time reading, the absence of music or television in the home is not an issue.

Sara invests a lot of time on book authoring. The woman uses a fountain pen filled with liquid ink for these purposes.

The woman makes her own clothing and bakes fresh bread and hand-washes her laundry. She doesn’t get bored of it, despite the fact that it is more labor.

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