This baby gets her first job at the age of 2… Here is what she does…

Two modeling agencies inked a contract with a young girl with Down syndrome in 2015. According to their staff, the baby’s cheeky smile is entirely responsible.

Connie Rose Seaborn is the name of the girl. At less than two years old, she became the first child to be able to secure two contracts.

It all began when Connie Rose’s mother started to hear from friends and neighbors who commented on her odd appearance and suggested that she pursue modeling.

Julie emailed three agencies with photos. Soon after, one of their officials got in touch with her and invited her to take part in a test photo session to see how she would respond in front of the camera.

In an interview, Julie claimed that despite her warnings that Connie Rose had Down syndrome, no agents were intrigued. She added that this disease was more concerning to her than the others.

The girl was barely two weeks old when the doctors made this diagnosis. When Julie was pregnant, the physicians warned her that there was a high risk of having a kid with Down syndrome. According to Julie, this did not come as a surprise to her.

We weren’t concerned, adds Julie. “I know people and have friends who are raising unusual kids.” “These kids just need love and care, the same as everyone else,”

Everyone is undoubtedly curious about the girl’s actions during the test shootings.

She fell in love with it at first sight, according to Julie. The girl knows where to turn when the time is right. Connie Rose delighted in staging photo ops. Most likely, as a result, we received two contracts at once.

Mom adds that she will back Connie in her choice if she decides impulsively against being a professional model.

We will quit working with agencies as soon as this job gets too challenging or she decides she doesn’t enjoy it, adds Julie.

Regarding the girl’s illness, the mother claims that she had so much help from family and friends in the immediate wake of the baby’s delivery that she herself was unaware of how she handled the most trying time in the child’s existence.

Mom claims that the girl’s fate is not determined by the illness. She will select her own identity.

There are just a few issues with educational institutions, according to Julie, and she has no issues raising her kid.

The young model’s mother is currently volunteering for a cause. She speaks about coping mechanisms while touring hospitals and homes where children with Down syndrome are reared.

“Most parents believe that raising a child with such a condition is highly challenging and that treatment should be sought, but this is not the case.” I make an effort to explain to them that having exceptional children makes parents even happier.

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