A 94-year-old man creates street art in order to save his village from…

How can your neighborhood be kept from being destroyed?

The old man made the decision that the old houses would not be demolished even though the government wanted to. The 94-year-old Taiwanese had no better idea for bringing attention to the issue than to decorate his community with varied patterns.

In the 1920s, Huang Yong-Fu was born. About 40 years ago, he immigrated to Taiwan, where he was provided residence in one of the little villages.

The people were informed one day that their community will be destroyed and that everyone would receive financial compensation. After taking their money, all of the locals went.

Huang Yong-Fu, however, had no plans to leave his house. He had been all alone in this village at one time or another.

Being by himself was boring for Juan. He once painted his house’s wall while walking down the street. New ones started to be added to this pattern throughout time. The deceased neighbors’ homes were also painted by the elderly man.

The painted walls were captured on camera and uploaded online.

Huang’s artwork piqued the notice of art enthusiasts and activists, who brought attention to this man’s issue.

The number of visitors to the village has dramatically increased. The settlement was preserved thanks to activists and students, and it is now regarded as one of Taiwan’s most fascinating sights.

The colorful and unique drawings in the community naturally gave it the name Rainbow. Every year, around a million people go there.

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