Do you remember “Curly Sue?” Here is how Alison Porter looks after 30 years…

You probably recall the poetic comedy about Bill and sweet Susan’s escapes.

Throughout the 1990s, it was a comedic fan favorite.

The well-known film enjoyed unparalleled success, averaging over 10 million viewers per year in the USA.

In addition to being well-liked and well-known in the United States, it has attained great fame abroad.

James Belushi, who plays Bill, is still a hugely popular and frequently requested actor.

She only became well-known and popular at the age of nine; thus, the young and adorable actress seems to be hidden.

The adorable starlet is now 41 years old.

When Alison Porter was married to former soap opera actor Brian Otenrit, they had a handsome boy and a lovely daughter.

After that, they got divorced, and in 2018, Alison started dating dancer Justine De Vera.

Shiloh, the couple’s young daughter, was born.

She again ended her connection with Vera after a little length of time together, though.

The actress decided against pursuing a career in film production and instead became a singer.

She joined the Bans, Raz, in 2003, and she was a member of Christina Aguilera’s squad on “The Voice” in 2016.

We wished her success in what she loves doing most because she is more at ease singing than acting…

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