She barely weighed 29 kilograms but here is how she looks now after using chocolate…

British citizen Anna Windley, 21, consumed just one sandwich every five days, weighed 29 kilograms at her age, resembled a skeleton wrapped with skin, and had a fear of food. The girl probably would not have lived, but once, regular chocolate saved her life.

Anna grew up as an active girl. When she was still in school, she participated in many events, went to sports, and was a model student. She was overweight from birth, though, and in spite of this, she frequently overheard her classmates criticizing her weight. Anna chose to reduce weight because she was sick of being teased.

She started to severely restrict her diet, eating only one sandwich every few days and nearly never any meat, sweets, pastries, or dairy products.

Anna frequently ended up in the hospital as a result of this “diet,” and she was given the “anorexia” diagnosis. Doctors started to caution the girl that if she kept on at this rate, she might suffer a heart attack. She was aware of everything, yet she was powerless to resist.

She explains, “I just wanted to be slimmer.”

Anna had debilitated herself to the point that she was afraid of the scent of food and could not even look at it. The girl went into another room when they tried to give her a pie on a certain festival because she could not stand being around the food.

But all of that changed one day, and regular chocolate played a part in it.

Anna once craved sweets but subconsciously knew she would eat a lot of them, but she still made the choice to try them. She later stepped on the scales and saw that she hadn’t put on any weight, so she started gradually allowing herself treats.

The Briton claims, “It was absurd to assume that just a piece of chocolate I would immediately acquire weight. However, it wasn’t until after him that I understood that eating is not as terrifying as it looked to me.

One of Anna’s main phobias was eliminated thanks to this encounter, and she gradually resumed eating normally.

The girl is now 45 kg in weight, maintains a healthy lifestyle, and looks back on that time in her life with horror.

To get back to normal weight, two years were needed. Anna is now a stunning young woman with a stunning physique.

She has a boyfriend, works a job, competes in running events, and studies. Anna doesn’t want to think about herself at that weight anymore.

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