Have you seen a talking newborn baby? His first word was…

Have you ever heard of a baby that can talk?

It really is fantastic! Even physicians and scientists were in awe at the incident!

No one in practice has ever encountered such a thing.

A youngster with a unique birth defect just arrived at Moldova’s Maternity Hospital No. 1 in Chisinau.

Stephan was the adorable infant who astonished everyone by speaking for the first time just moments after his birth.

When the boy said “papa” shortly after being born, the physicians were left speechless.

The infant then repeatedly said the same word.

It was the first in her 30 years of practice, according to Marina Pano, the young mother of Stephan.

She was stunned and unable to explain her feelings.

She claims that when the infant spoke “dad” for the first time, their staff assumed it was merely a coincidence.

But it soon became apparent that he repeatedly uttered “dad” and then “mom,” “mom,” and “mom.”

He calmed down after his mother allegedly stated, “Shhh baby, the dad will be here shortly,” according to her.

Liza, the baby’s young 17-year-old mother, claimed that she and her husband shared responsibility for the pregnancy.

Throughout the boy’s pregnancy, they chatted to him often, played classical music for him, and frequently engaged in constructive conversation.

In addition, both of his parents were intelligent and knowledgeable people, so it’s likely the child inherited their traits.

So this situation, according to scientists, aided the baby’s rapid development.

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