The highest donation ever made in history was $32 billion… Here are the details…

A donation this size has never been documented before. He just gave the less fortunate thirty-two billion dollars that he had taken.

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia gave up all of his estimated $32 billion fortunes to charity.

According to Forbes, Al-Waleed is the wealthiest person in Saudi Arabia. The prince plans to donate all $32 billion of his money to charity:

“I owe it to humanity,” he said.

“The time limit is arbitrary. My real money will eventually be donated to worthy causes. I still devote a significant portion of my money to that,” the prince remarked.

“I want this money to do good; I’m not taking it to my grave with me. There are so many people in need of assistance nearby. A person will finally receive medical treatment, have access to education, and lead a regular life. I have the responsibility and the power to improve this world, and I will.

Al-Waleed amassed wealth through stock purchases and investing endeavors. He has invested in a variety of businesses and industries, including Apple, Twitter, Citibank, Four Seasons, and many more.

Bill Gates, who established his own charity organization, the Gates Foundation, is cited by the prince as an inspiration.

The prince’s two children, who are both over 60 years old, agreed with their father’s choice.

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