When a man arrived to replace his passport, he unintentionally learned that his parents have been looking for him for 16 years…

A man sought help from the passport office of one of the Chinese cities because he needed to replace some typical paperwork.

As the operator started to enter his information into the database, he unintentionally learned that the man had been missing for 16 years. Additionally, his parents had been seeking him the entire time.

The statements of the girl at the registration counter seemed to worry a guy by the name of Wang, who had registered for a new passport. He was unsurprised, though. Wang hesitated for a moment before approving the disclosure of his personal information to his parents.

Her circumstances and the tale itself rapidly caught the attention of journalists, and he subsequently consented to meet with them. Wang was one of the top students at the school 16 years ago; it turned out. He was able to enroll in college, but he soon developed a video game addiction, which is a widespread issue among Chinese youth.

Wang played nonstop for days, which resulted in his expulsion from the first year. The unsuccessful student chose to hide in another city rather than tell his parents what had transpired since he was too ashamed to do so.

Wang consistently took on part-time jobs wherever he could for 16 years. Wang’s parents responded by claiming that they had been visiting their son for all these years in Xinan, the city where the college was located.

Wang met with his parents and begged for pardon for his hasty deed. He was naturally welcomed into the family. In China, situations like Wang’s are not unusual. It is crucial that kids in this situation defend the expectations of their parents.

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