A man had been staying in his hiding spot for 4 years, which was located in…

Three men showed up at Michael Townsend’s front door as he was showing a female around his flat. While some might have been upset, Michael saw the situation right away. He did, after all, construct his own covert residence on the grounds of the shopping center a few years ago, where he spent the better part of four years.

The developer spent $500 million building the mall right in the midst of Providence. Townsend received his apartment for free after discovering a passage to an unaccounted-for room on the center’s 130,000 square meters. Michael swiftly fixed the problem with the help of a buddy.

They broke into the center’s communications, covered the entrance with a service door, and offered nothing in return. They acted exceptionally cautiously, which prevented the guards from ever having any suspicions during the four years.

If Susan had met Michael along the road, he could still be living in the mall. The guy led her to a secret room in an effort to wow a new acquaintance with an exciting home.

Susan was unable to conceal the tale. The owners of the mall chose not to file charges against Michael. His tale has gone viral, so perhaps someone will attempt to pull off the hidden apartment heist.

Here is the video:

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