In a Polish town, only girls have been born for more than 10 years. Researchers think it is because of…

In a small Polish community, only females have given birth for ten years running.

To at least attempt to comprehend the causes of this occurrence, scientists had to travel to the location. In the southern part of Poland is Mejscie Odzaskie. There are 300 residents in total, and scarcely anyone is aware of the community.

The village’s elders informed the researchers upon their arrival that, as far back as they can remember, the girls had to travel to distant cities in quest of a marriage.

In the previous ten years, the number of boys born here has decreased to zero, which is extraordinarily low. tractor-trailer operators and the mayor.

These are generally male-dominated fields elsewhere, yet we exclusively have women in them, a local resident informed reporters. The topic is of interest to scientists.

According to Professor Rafael Ploski of the Medical University of Warsaw’s Department of Genetics, the oddity is the result of intense, tight relationships.

He intends to carry out a thorough analysis of the existing genetic makeup of the local population. According to some studies, the issue lies with the region’s housing stock and the locals’ dietary habits. These theories have no supporting evidence as of yet.

However, Mijce-Odrzaske is steadily losing its population, just like many other Polish settlements.

Here, 1200 people lived 70 years ago; now, only 300 do. Maybe some girls’ births merely fit the statistical mistake.

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