A note from former classmates was hidden inside a bottle that the teacher and children discovered… It said…

Mother and children were strolling along the Welsh River’s bank. They discovered a bottle with a letter buried inside while out strolling. The message bottle had to swim nearly ten kilometers to reach the coast.

While strolling alongside the Clwyd River, Kat and her children spotted a bottle glistening from the sun’s rays on dry land. The family initially assumed it was plastic that belonged in the trash.

They discovered a note within the treasure when they lifted it up.

“When we realized there was an important message inside, we were perplexed and surprised. This is a dream come true for my kids because they learned something new and can open the package by themselves to read the message,” Kat remarked.

On the shore, they didn’t open the bottle; instead, they brought it with them. It was discovered at home that the letter was written in the winter of 1985 by students. The message has been retained quite well.

According to the letter, the men left the container close to the Kloceynog community when they were strolling along the reservoir.

It was written on paper, “Would you please be so kind as to send a letter or phone the number 3019 to report you found it.”

There were more indications that many years had gone in addition to the date that was indicated in the letter.

The telephone number was only 4 digits long. Just then, they began converting numerals to 5 and 6 digits. Additionally, the guys stated that they were third- and fourth-graders.

The woman was interested in learning how long this container had been missing and where it had been. She then discovered that her kids wish to get in touch with the people who threw the bottle into the river.

“I made a social media post to aid in locating senders,”

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