This girl has autism but she sings like an angel… Watch her performance here…

There are tunes that uplift and uplift the listener. These songs are depressing.

“Hallelujah” is an example of them for many. It is lovely.

Although many different performers have covered it over the years, one performance in particular stands out.

2016 saw Kaylee Rogers perform on stage alongside her peers at her Northern Ireland school.

She led the ensemble in a Christmas performance of “Hallelujah” that went viral online, using a loud and forceful voice.

But the performance is considerably more complex than first appears.

When Kaylee was ten years old, she was quite shy and rarely spoke in class, but something about singing made her come out of her shell.

According to the principal of the school, BBC Newsbeat:

She used to be a very reserved little girl, but she opens up when she sings.

In their Christmas pageant, Kaylee and her classmates gave “Hallelujah” a performance. She was the lead vocalist, with the chorus supporting her.

Many viewers of this film felt the need for tissues after watching it.

She not only sings like an angel, but she does so with such assurance that you would never guess she had difficulties.

There were a ton of positive remarks about the performance as well. A user of YouTube wrote:

She sings better than 80% of artists in the modern era! totally fantastic

A different commenter said:

“Every time I see this, I cry. You offer me hope and courage for my two autistic boys. Greetings from God

Here is the video:

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