Have you seen a singing donkey? Check out this video!

The 28-year-old donkey named Monte enjoys using his distinctive voice to sing for his mother, Pinky Ruggles. Before being adopted by Pinky, he was a timid animal.

Monte had reportedly been helping to save lives for ten years. Because he was older and disliked cuddling like other younger donkeys, no one desired him.

Pinky instantly brought Monte home after noticing that he had something special about him. Monte began singing unlike any other donkey on the third day he had been in his new home.

Pinky was astounded by what she heard, and Monte’s look showed that he shared her disbelief. While other donkeys can just “hee-haw,” he has a unique bray that sounds like an opera diva.

Now Monte just waits in front of the door and sings for Pinky whenever he wants treats or food. He will occasionally sing softly so the other horses won’t hear him eating.

He even discovered Ace, his best friend’s horse, in his new house. Jack, a different horse owned by Monte, does enjoy playing with Ace. They fight like siblings do, and they have a triangle.

Pinky enjoys Monte’s sense of humor and finds it hard to believe he is 28 years old.

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