There is just one old woman remaining in the city, and she tells us about how she lives…

Elsie Eyler made the decision around 20 years ago to never leave the little Nebraskan town of Monowi, which is situated in a remote and arid region. The woman, who serves as mayor, a restaurant owner, and a librarian, lives here by herself.

When things were at their greatest, which was in the 1930s of the previous century, Monovi had 150 residents. The city, however, was too far from the trading routes. People started slowly leaving for more developed locations after realizing the futility of progress. Elsie was living alone in the city in 2000. She has the option to leave at any time, but she chooses not to.

The woman acknowledges that she enjoys running the entire city, even when it’s deserted. Elsie established a fantastic library with 5,000 books in the heart of the town. She is in favor of Monovi’s legal existence. In exchange, the state provides electricity and other forms of communication subsidies to Monovi.

The woman even succeeded in making a solid living a few years ago when one of the major fast-food restaurants erected a massive poster in the city for the purpose of advertising. I start a bar every evening.

Elsie tells reporters that visitors come to her occasionally and don’t always. The woman has no intentions of making any changes. Elsie enjoys running the entire city by herself.

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