The judges did not see this coming… She has a great voice… Video attached!

The judges of America’s Got Talent were recently amazed by Emily Bland’s voice because they had not anticipated it. Emily is a twenty-nine-year-old clerk. The AGT contestant also had a great sense of humor, which led the judges to believe that she was a comedian mistakenly.

Bland quietly responded that she worked as a desk clerk at a hotel when Howie Mandel enquired about the remarkable woman’s occupation. Simon interrupted her at this point and inquired about the worst visitor she had ever received. Bland said in jest, “Okay, I don’t want to put my mother under the bus… her name is Karen,” at this point.

Emily indicated she was about to sing, contrary to Howie Mandel’s anticipation that she would give a stand-up comedy performance. Bland went on to say that her idol and favorite musician was Garth Brooks.

Soon after, Bland started her performance and sang with a voice that was uncannily similar to the popular country singer. The song “Your Man” by Josh Turner was next performed by Bland in an impassioned and captivating voice.

Even though the judges were in disbelief, they had a sneaky feeling. Bland then motioned for a man standing behind the stage to join her. The man acknowledged that it was him singing and that Bland was his puppet and that he was the performance artist.

Here is the video:

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