Nastya Knyazeva was a baby model who grew up and here is how she looks…

Russian child presenter and model. She received the title of “most beautiful woman in the world” in 2017 from the British edition of The Daily Mail.

She will soon turn nine. She manages her own Instagram page, which has more than a million followers, with the help of her mom.

Nastya is not only beautiful, but she is also creative and at ease in front of the camera. She receives a range of offers to shoot from renowned manufacturers, and some artists invite women to star in their music videos.

Recently, Nastya’s mother posted fresh pictures of her on her page. In these photos, she is entirely different, and the focus is on her “branded” bangs, which she brushed back.

Of course, there are those who remember Anastasia as an ordinary child and fail to recognize her stunning beauty.

Still, the majority of her fans constantly shower her with praise and well wishes.

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