64-year-old woman did not have any plastic surgeries and looks as young as her daughter…

Angela Paul has lived in California for the majority of her life. She turned 64 years old this year, although she appears much younger.

Everyone believes she is her sister when she walks out with her 34-year-old daughter. Many people adore Angela’s beauty, but some think plastic surgeons are to blame.

In actuality, the woman opposes surgical procedures, and her beauty is a consequence of a long and arduous effort on the part of the body and spirit.

No one really believes 64-year-old Angela Paul when she declares her age. Some even claim that she underwent plastic surgery. The woman doesn’t need any cosmetic procedures; she takes care of her own attractiveness.

Angela started modeling at the age of sixteen. Her life was forever altered when she was given the lupus diagnosis after 20 years.

She began leading a healthier lifestyle. The secrets to Angela’s eternal youth are a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and meditation.

“At 64, there is no secret to graceful aging,” the woman acknowledges. Genetics undoubtedly play a role, but your lifestyle is the most important factor. For me, stopping the withering is a question of survival. Self-care is something I’ve been doing since I was tiny. I exercised, I ate well, and I meditated. The bigger the reward will be, the sooner you begin methodically caring for yourself.

When she was thirty years old, she gave birth to a daughter named Ariel. She gave up her modeling profession to focus on her family.

At 34 years old, the daughter resembles a sister while she is with their mother. The woman has been participating in Zumba four times a week for the past five years.

She ate fish and seafood but refused to consume meat. According to Angela, maintaining good health is the key to looking beautiful.

Everyone should begin caring for oneself as soon as possible, according to Angela.

This is a challenging task that will produce the necessary outcomes. Finding a balance in all aspects of life—from exercise to eating—is crucial. Then, age will continue to be nothing more than a number that has no bearing whatsoever on appearance.

Angela is unequivocal proof of this!

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