Baby’s mother chose not to trim his hair, and here is how he looks at the age of 8…

Farouk is from Britain and had magnificent hair when he was just two years old. Mom made the decision to take her son to the hairdresser, but something happened that significantly altered their lives. “ I once went to the grocery shop with Faruk.

A woman took a photo of my child and posted it online while I was checking out. I was obviously unhappy. However, after reading the comments below the post, I became perplexed. The crowd praised Farouk’s hair. According to what they wrote, they too want such curls, explains Bonnie.

She set up her son’s Instagram account the same day, and she immediately began uploading all the photos she had on her phone. Nearly 5,000 people joined his account in the first month.

Farouk initially received an invitation to a fashion show in New York when he was five years old. All expenses were covered by the fashion agency, which also sent Farouk and his mother luggage from the most recent Louis Vuitton collection.

The young man has already been in shampoo advertisements and models for well-known companies.

Mom looks after her son’s hair, making every effort to maintain it healthy and well-groomed, despite admitting that it is difficult due to her own very curly hair.

Even if they are already longer than 60 centimeters, they won’t be trimmed just yet. Currently, Farouk has a large number of followers who like him and only ever write positive comments on his posts.

We send this cute boy our best wishes!

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