This albino child grew up in an orphanage but here is how her career turned out…

In China, where albinism is still viewed as a curse, the infant did not originate. An albino girl in China had her parents leave her at a shelter’s door.

According to the BBC, the girl’s distinctive appearance allowed her to establish a lucrative career as a model. The orphanage personnel gave the girl the name Xueli. No one is certain of the baby’s age because his parents did not leave any documents with him.

Due to her albinism, Xueli’s skin, hair, and eyes have nearly no melanin pigment. Additionally, his vision is only approximately 10% of what it once was, and strong light bothers his eyes.

Xueli was adopted by a new family when she was around three years old. She moved to the Netherlands with her new parents. Because the baby’s adoptive mother thinks it’s necessary for the girl to maintain some of her Chinese origins, the baby’s name has been suppressed.

Xueli first had the opportunity to work as a model when she was 11 years old. A few whiles afterward, she was given a fantastic option, which she did not miss.

Xueli, a famous model who is 16 years old, wants to help those who are different from the majority. “I want young people with albinism or any other disability to know they can achieve everything they set their minds to.

People will tell you that you won’t succeed, but you don’t have to accept their predictions. You only need to try; anything is possible.

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