Simon thought she was too old but she proved him wrong!

In addition to listening to dull lyrical romances, Jenny Darren, 68, who recently retired, also enjoyed listening to pretty intense rock music.

Jenny Darren is her name. The woman made the decision to win the internationally renowned show, which is broadcast in 58 nations.

British singer Alisha Dixon, show creator Simon Cowell, English comedian David Walliams, and British actress Amanda Holden served as the season 12 judges for Britain’s Got Talent.

No one anticipated Jennie’s performance to be worthwhile until she took the stage and briefly introduced herself.

The jury and the audience were amazed when Ms. Jenny removed her cardigan and vintage dress as soon as the sound engineer started the backing track.

In a matter of seconds, a modest participant transformed into an actual “rock granny” in front of all of Britain. The new look stunned the audience: cool leather boots with heels, a leather skirt, a black top, and long, loose hair.

And AC/Highway DC’s to Hell was the music of choice.

She received a standing ovation from the jury and audience before they all started to dance.

Jenny has been singing since she was twelve. She spoke with a lot of well-known singers.

Before he joined Iron Maiden, she previously collaborated with the drummer Nicko McBrain. She had the potential to achieve enormous renown in the 1970s, but she blew the opportunity. Darren did, after all, once go on tour with AC/DC.

Her own album’s single “Heartbreaker” was extremely well-liked and peaked at number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100. However, Pat Benatar claimed to be the author and received all the accolades by himself. And there was nothing left for the charming woman.

She previously played in the band The Ladykillers. The vocalist made the decision to leave the unpleasant profession because she was no longer being compensated. She established her own website and is currently independent.

Here is the video:

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