Being overweight presents no challenge for him because of his energetic dancing! Video attached…

Just this young man started laughing and got up from his seat. Everybody present was amazed by what they saw.

Another common misconception is that only skinny people are good dancers. However, this man utterly defied all preconceived notions. People who held such views felt ashamed of him.

A talent in dance. He danced with his companion in unimaginable ways. The duo has been dancing for a long time, and their dance routines draw fans from all over the world.

They are always greeted and applauded enthusiastically by the general population. If you previously believed that carrying extra weight makes dancing difficult, you will likely change your mind after watching this video.

The moves of Aoniken are really outstanding. This duo moves together quite well. Enjoy and show your friends this lovely dance.

Here is the video:

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