She married a homeless guy and here is what their kids look like!

A¬†young woman Emmy Abrahamson had been traveling Europe and had been appreciating Amsterdam’s splendor when she decided to rest and sat down on a seat.

Even though there was a clock closed, a man who appeared to be homeless approached her and began asking her what time it was.

Despite the amber radiating from him and his filthy clothes, Emmy felt some type of fascination with the man. For some reason, she made the decision to meet him the next day.

The next time they met, Vic told her the story of his life. It turned out that he enjoyed taking flights from the US to Europe.

The money ran out so quickly that there wasn’t even enough for a hostel, making him live on the streets. He remained to be homeless since he was unable to get out of this situation.

While Emmy was in Amsterdam, they spoke extensively and reconnected multiple times. But ultimately, the time came when she had to return to Austria.

She gave him her phone number before taking off without thinking about how they might reconnect. Even though it had been weeks, Emmy was still concerned about her pal.

And she received the most thoughtful birthday gift she could have ever hoped for. Vic gave her a call and told her he had arrived in Vienna and was looking forward to meeting her.

They didn’t break up again. Because of her, Vic secured a job as an electrician and proposed to Emmy.

The couple were married in a beautiful place, and soon after, they gave birth to twins.

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