She resembles the genetic joke of his genius grandfather Charlie Chaplin… Look how his granddaughter appears now…

Charlie Chaplin was a well-known actor and director in addition to having a great reputation as a gentleman. He has 11 children with different mothers. Many of them carried on Chaplin’s legacy, as did his progeny.

An accomplished actress and dancer switched her name to Aurelia Thierry as a result. She is a direct descendant of Chaplin and the mayor’s final wife, Una O’Neil.

Aurélia’s parents were actress Victoria Chaplin and circus artist Jean-Baptiste Thierry. Given that Aurélia has always been among creative individuals, her future vocation was already chosen when she was a little child.

Thierry presently enjoys enormous popularity in her native France. She plays in the surrealism theater as a Chaplin dynasty performer and Chaplin’s granddaughter.

In addition to performing talent and charisma, Aurelia was endowed with a remarkable appearance by her illustrious grandfather.

After all, Thierry does not fit the traditional definition of beauty. Genetics “joked,” resulting in a rather peculiar appearance for the granddaughter of a well-known comedian.

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