This model is not recognizable anymore… Here is how she looked before…

The girl developed an interest in plastic surgery to entirely alter her appearance, and she succeeded in doing so.

She has undergone numerous treatments and now resembles a doll more than a natural person, making it difficult to identify her from the initial image.

Katie, a webcam model who is 29 years old, is the ideal example of the wonders that plastic surgery can accomplish.

According to the Daily Star, the girl is pleased since when you look at her before and after images, it is difficult to tell that you are looking at the same person.

Katie is reticent when asked when she initially underwent surgery. Still, she acknowledges that she first made the decision to do so to appear more feminine rather than to pursue revenge on the person.

But after she had a taste, the girl was unable to quit, and she gave herself a new assignment: becoming a doll.

We can confidently declare success after a few years of multiple treatments, including nose surgery, lip augmentation, cheekbone and chin Botox treatments, and breast enlargement.

Botox has not yet touched the legs.

Katie not only succeeded in getting a physique resembling Barbie’s, but she also completely lost her previous appearance, as shown in the photo of her prior to all the changes.

The model said that she had altered her looks to make her appear more feminine, perfect, and doll-like like a Barbie doll.

The family is still taking care of her, according to Katy, and OnlyFans fans are eager to pay her for even more audacious changes.

The young person also acknowledged that she knew she had a plastic surgery addiction, but she wouldn’t stop there.

His dream is the model Alicia Amira, who by virtue of her attractiveness has already achieved the status of Barbie in real life.

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