13-year age differences between albino sisters… Here is how their parents and they look…

In addition to the typical curiosity, people admire the albino sisters Assel and Camila. And it’s worth seeing the older sister’s profile, as seen by the lovely compliments their followers leave them: “Porcelain dolls!” and “Wow! A real wonder of the world, “2¬†fairies,” “gentle angels,” “Snow Whites,” “Elves in human form,” and more.

Due to their distinctive appearance, Asel, 15, and Kamila, 2, catch the attention of others who are “not like them.” Since two albinos were born into their family, they are the only ones in Kazakhstan to do so.

They rose to fame on the network, and as of right now, approximately 70,000 individuals have joined the older sister’s Instagram account.

Girls started to get the attention of fashion magazines, and they started getting offers for magazine filming.

They are already successful in the modeling industry, appearing on catwalks, and Assel has already finished the necessary coursework to become a model in the future.

Parents of the girls took some time to adjust to the kids’ unique appearance since they could not believe what they were seeing and were just as shocked as the physicians.

The Kalaganov family initially found it challenging to ignore the “pointing with their fingers,” behind-the-back rumors.

The sisters’ golden hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, and snow-white skin at first added to their complexity. Only after realizing that their enthusiasm lay in this individuality did they succeed in getting past this. Support Asel and her numerous subscribers, who often laud her exceptional attractiveness.

Aldiyar, a 9-year-old brother of the girls, is family. He is not, however, like his sisters. He is not an albino; rather, he is an exact replica of his Kazakh father. The child was born with black complexion and hair.

In an interview, the Kalaganovs’ parents acknowledged that their son had difficulty accepting Asel and Kamila as his sisters: “I had to explain albinism for a very long time and in detail.

We also learned that I, the mom of the Aiman girls, had relatives who were albinos. He now boasts about how special and lovely they are, proud of them.

Albinism has drawbacks, therefore the girls’ parents make sure they stay out of direct sunshine, wear dark sunglasses to protect their skin, and maintain their already-poor eyesight.

Asel is frequently asked by fans to display pictures of the entire family. And most recently, she posted images of her five-person family and wrote to her fans, “Our family is close-knit.

My parents, my dad, Aldiyar, and Camila. Assel completed the ninth grade, her younger sister started kindergarten, and her brother attended an educational institution.

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