Take a look at this infant who was born seven years ago and has a strange appearance… Here is how he looks now…

Seven years ago, Samuel Silva was born in Brazil. At the time, nobody had ever seen a newborn child with such an unusual appearance.

Even today, the sight of his black and white face and hair still shocks people.

His outward appearance immediately caught the attention of the media, and he achieved renown.

He waited till he turned two before starting his modeling career.

Since then, he has had numerous contracts and spent a large portion of his youth in front of the camera.

It is also well-recognized that this peculiar appearance has hereditary roots.

The mother of the boy has always had some issues of her own, but the boy, who has the same diagnosis and oddity, is even glad that he is not a typical boy.

He had won numerous castings. had previously witnessed in well-known clothing brand fashion displays.

Some well-known toy retailers in Brazil sell dolls that resemble Samuel.

Considerably cool for a young boy.

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