Bella Hadid changed her hairstyle for an occasion but her fans did not like it…

Bella Hadid has rarely been opposed to trying new things in either fashion or beauty.

In part, as a result of this, she has emerged as one of the most well-known and in-demand models worldwide.

The diva is adored by stylists, critics, and millions of fans for her audacity, boldness, hotness, and readiness to change with the times.

It’s true that Bella’s photos occasionally generate a lot of buzzes. Like in this case:

A few weeks ago, Hadid made the decision to go blonde. The model appeared to have aged a few years while yet preserving her sense of style, which generally pleased fans.

But Bella’s newly exposed hair left numerous people dumbfounded.

“What really is that on her head, a spaghetti?”

Bella appears to have had a bowl of hash browns poured on her.

“I hope this hair color and style are just for the photo session, and Hadid will revert to her previous appearance.”

Bella Hadid’s hair is another issue that Bella’s fans are worried about. Lighting, especially constant lighting, is not likely to be advantageous.

Bella has had problems with her hair’s condition in the past.

Recent observations by admirers reveal that the gorgeous beauty is balding. Her hair was at least so thin that a real spit was beginning to develop.

After Bella had previously burned her hair, it took some time for it to regain both its health and appearance.

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