This woman gave birth to 8 babies at once… They grew up and here is how they look!

In 2009, a woman named Nadia Suleman from California broke some kind of record by simultaneously giving birth to eight kids.

When this event occurred, people began to refer to Nadia as “supermom” and “eight-mother.” The primary reason for this is that she had already given birth to six children, including a pair of twins, before the birth of her eighth child.

Family life is challenging since my mother does not receive adequate support from the government, despite the assistance she receives from our neighbors and friends.

Initially, the family made a considerable income from participating in reality shows that were shot exclusively for this family; however, over the course of time, such offers from viewers became a less and smaller percentage of the family’s total income.

In addition, Suleman was dealt a complicated hand by society. It got to the point where the family home had to be placed up for auction because of the million-dollar debt that had accumulated.

Despite this, Nadia was eventually successful in rehabilitating her reputation. At this point, the youngest child, Suleman, is eleven years old, while the oldest child, Suleman, is nineteen.

Here is the video:

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