Prepare to laugh with excitement when Robin Williams and Carol Burnett perform in this video!

The second part of the 20th century was full of funny characters. Robin Williams and Carol Burnett are two comedians whose jokes still have the power to make us chuckle today.

Carol Burnett was a comedian and entertainer whose laugh-out-loud sketches had a broad audience. Most people are familiar with her from the 1967–1978 comedy series The Carol Burnett Show.

But Carol Burnett’s career did not end there. Following her musical career and other voice acting possibilities, Carol Burnett returned to the stage after The Carol Burnett Show’s final episode aired.

She had not, however, given up on humor. Some of the best comedians were gathered by Carol Burnett in 1986 for an hour-long sketch program. She appeared in a scene with the late Robin Williams as a result.

If you saw any family movies in the 1990s or the first decade of the 2000s, you are already aware of how funny Robin Williams can be. It should come as no surprise that Robin and Carol were a formidable team while they were on the job.

After all, a comedy named “The Funeral” could only have been devised by comedic masterminds like Robin Williams and Carol Burnett. Even the most bitter folks will be laughing with the rest of us at how they played off each other.

However, there are other sketches of this scene. Robin Williams decides to reenact the skit with his improvised lines in the second part of the recording. The end effect is hilarious.

Here is the video:

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