These unusual, one in 500 000 births of such babies happened in this household…

It is a momentous occasion for every family when twins are born into their midst. The arrival of three sets of identical twins at the same time is nothing short of a miracle.

These kinds of situations occur once per half a million people, which is a rather low frequency overall. Karen and Colin, who were already married, have two sets of twin children who are 12 and 14 years old respectively.

After the third pregnancy, the mom’s medical team gave her the reassurance that this time around, there would not be twins. The woman stated that she did not anticipate having a third set of twins, but she is overjoyed to learn this information.

Parents who already had a large family believed that they will have more sons and did not make any effort to learn the gender of their newest children.

They were taken aback when they learned that they were going to have two daughters.

Karen is unable to wrap her head around the fact that they now have teenage daughters living there.

She makes light of the situation by joking that the little children have as many as five guardians between their father and their brothers.

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