This boy was considered to be a genius at the age of 5… Here is how he lives now!

At the age of five, the youngster was identified as a mathematical prodigy. He was also enrolled in Cambridge University at the age of 15.

His current location and line of work surprise many.

In 2010, 15-year-old Arran Fernandez enrolled at the University of Cambridge. The boy’s accomplishments when he was just five years old astonished scientists.

While most children have only recently mastered the kindergarten curriculum, the child has mastered arithmetic at the GCSE level (high school in Britain).

Arran attended the University of Cambridge for eight years, graduating with a degree in mathematics and receiving the rank of Senior Specialist.

He earned a master’s degree in 2018 and later a PhD. Since 1773, Associate Professor has been the institution’s youngest student.

Arran claims that other Cambridge students recognized him as a celebrity right away. This and the age gap with other kids didn’t, however, cause him any discomfort.

Being younger than others is generally not that significant. I naturally talk to and establish friends with individuals of various ages, so that’s why,” Arran added.

The epithet “wunderkind,” which he frequently heard in his speech, is exceedingly useless, according to the genius himself.

He values training and hard effort more than inherent talent, which is why he has achieved incredible things.

Being a prodigy serves no purpose. Arran said, “I think it’s all about upbringing, not nature.

According to Arran, his parents provided him a good start in life.

Arran even barely remembers the excellent home education he had from the family as a young child.

By selecting a more practical career as an assistant professor of mathematics at the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) in Cyprus, this 25-year-old demonstrated by his own example.

Who would have thought that I would leave Cambridge and come here, so I think it’s a strange story. But I’m content to be here because my first assumption was correct.

“Children see that things will work out for him here because someone from Cambridge went to EMU,” the author says. I want others to be inspired by my story in some way. This can encourage people to think they can accomplish the same thing or something comparable in their industry.

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